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We believe that discovery is a form of joy and we select content and objects to inspire you to try out certain things,

like music, or pictures, or do exercise, or decorate your house, or travel, or write, the list is infinite. It's our value to help you have a better experience of life during your free time.


The founder had the idea of an experiencial webshop in 2010, where she did her thesis about at the bachelor of International Communication & Media in Utrecht, The Netherlands. At the beginning the idea was different, with mind mapping but it has change, adapted to the available technology at the moment. Improvement is constantly desired. Not only to provide you a store but also inspiration of activities as well as informational content about related topics to lifestyle.

Product selection

We are at the pilot phase of this project and we are using the platforms that offer us the larger variety of options to choose the ones that fit our wishes. We try to select the least transport points in between to protect the environment but we cannot always keep track to the full origin of the product. We try to choose green products and by this meaning, materials such as wood or metal and the least amounts of plastic. No plastic is very difficult at the moment but we do support the climate care in the ways in our reach that allow us to give you enough variety.

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