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The Perfect Backpack for Photographers

Next to being a curator for this store, I am a photographer and in 12 years I have tested backpacks that would work for photography. This has been my favourite one and here is why:

  1. Side zipper. A backpack is handy for being in action, more than a side bag for example. I loved that this backpack has a zipper on the side where I can immediately take my camera out without missing the moment. Or, if your camera is already out, you can take your second lens and easily exchange. It brings an option to create compartments but honestly I took it out.

  2. Canvas colour. I just love the Earth colours and the thick canvas material. It has hold me in the rain too!

  3. Strong straps. My main problem with other backpacks was that the shoulder straps broke within no time because of the weight and my being wild. This straps hold me for a long time! One of the zippers did break after 3 years but it could be repaired.

  4. The front bag. For the wallet, card and keys, the things you need at easy access.

  5. The inside laptop compartment. A soft area to protect your laptop.

  6. The other compartments inside to save passport, SD cards, etc.

  7. It isn't huge. It fits what you need without being a huge backpack.

I recommend this bag because I have used it myself happily. Here is where to get it.

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